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About Us

Corbie the Cat - Abbey's Best Friend

Abbey playing with Corbie the cat
Abbey taming the "dust ball"
to be her best friend!

That's Not a Dust Ball... That's My Friend!

Along with my duties as mascot for the 75th Street Medical Center, I also take care of Dr. Gong. I take him for walks, making sure he gets his exercise. I also keep an eye on things at home. I let him know when things are not as they should be around the house.

One day I was helping Dr. Gong in the garden when I noticed something strange. I decided to take a closer look before getting Dr. Gong to remove it. It was gray and fuzzy, kind of like something I had once found under the bed. This thing was a little different. As I got closer, it blinked its yellow eyes at me. Being the brave girl that I am, I moved closer still. It stretched and made a strange noise. I waited, listening to see if it would do it again. It did! “MEOW,” it said.

I went and got Dr. Gong. It was time to get this thing out of the yard. Dr. Gong smiled and shook his head. He said, “That's the same cat from earlier. It must be either really crazy or very special not to run from Abbey.” I tried to tell him not to get too close. After all, it was probably dangerous. I tried to nudge him out of the way, but he just laughed and stroked my head. He went into the house and brought out a box with a blanket in it. Maybe he was going to throw this thing away.

He put the box on the porch, and we went into the house for the night. I didnt think about it again until later, during one of my patrols of the house. I saw Dr. Gong open the door and go to the box. I followed just to make sure that he was safe from that strange creature. He went to the box and looked inside. Then he did the strangest thing of all. He brought the box with the thing inside!

Dr. Gong went to sleep and left me alone with the thing in the box. It blinked those yellow eyes at me again and climbed out of the box. I was being brave, so I stood still and let it approach me. It made the noise again and rubbed against my leg. Funny, it didn't leave a dirty streak on my nice coat like that other fuzzy gray thing I had found.

The next morning, Dr. Gong took the thing – they called it Corbie – and brought it back to our house. I guess it's staying. Maybe I can tame it.

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