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Avoiding the "Yo-Yo Dieting" Syndrome

By Dr. Victor Gong, Medical Director of 75th St. & 126th St. Medical, Ocean Pines Medical & Doctors Weight Control & Wellness centers, Ocean City, MD.

For many people, dieting is a reoccurring process. They lose weight and regain it time and time again. In fact, statistics show that 95 percent of all individuals who lose weight regain it within the first year. This phenomenon of continual weight loss and gain is referred to as "yo-yo dieting."

Studies have shown that with each cycle of yo-yo dieting, individuals lose weight twice as slowly and regain it three times as quickly. As a result, "dieting-induced obesity" is becoming a major problem.

Although physiological factors behind dieting-induced obesity are not fully understood, it is believed that lipoprotein lipase – an enzyme that accelerates the breakdown of fats – is shifted with repeated weight loss. This shift acts to allow fat cells to more readily increase in size.

Dieting-induced obesity seems to uphold the "set-point theory" of weight control, which purports that there is an ideal biological weight which an organism "sets" for itself to defend against weight loss or gain. This would lead to the conclusion that weight loss and maintenance is dependent upon resetting the body's biological weight clock.

What can you do to avoid yo-yo dieting and possibly reset your body's weight clock?

Be Serious About Losing Weight

Do not attempt to lose weight unless you are committed to following a food plan and making necessary lifestyle changes. Make sure the time is right for you to lose weight.

Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

Attempting to lose too much weight could be discouraging and could cause you to relapse and revert to your old eating and behavior patterns. Remember, it is much better to have a series of small successes than on large failure, so set goals in steps.

Lose Weight Slowly

Individuals who lose two pounds or less per week are much more likely to maintain the weight loss than those who lose weight more quickly. Weight loss and maintenance requires food-related behavior changes that must be modified over a period of time, not overnight.

Include Exercise in Your Weight-Control Program

Dieting slows metabolism, decreasing the rate at which your body burns calories, while exercise accelerates it. Therefore, supporters of the set-point theory stress exercise as an important factor in resetting the body's biological weight clock. In weight control, when you exercise may be as important as how you exercise. Some studies show that more energy is expended when exercise takes place a couple of hours after eating than if the same amount of physical activity is performed on an empty stomach. However, it not a good idea to exercise immediately following a meal sine cramping can occur.

Set a Weight Gain Limit

Fluctuation of a few pounds from day-to-day is normal. Anything over that may be due to added fat weight. Weight yourself at least once a week and do not allow more than a two or three pound weight gain. Once you hit your weight gain limit, make the necessary changes in caloric intake or energy output to bring you back down to your desired weight.

Practice Strategies for Preventing Relapse

Keep in mind that there will always be situation which challenge your ability to maintain your weight. From time to time, you may lapse. Learn to anticipate these situations and try to prepare yourself. Envision how you would deal with each difficulty that may arise. Give yourself a pat on the back when you are successful, and try not to view your mistakes as failures. Pick yourself up quickly and get back on track. Don't let a lapse lead to a total relapse.

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