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Flu Shot Shortage Update

By Jock Simon, M.D., Attending Physician at 75th St. & 126th St. Medical, Ocean Pines Medical & Doctors Weight Control & Wellness centers, Ocean City, MD.

This year, we have indeed witnessed the saga of the influenza vaccine shortage. We have identified at times patients who present with classic flu and flu-like symptoms who were unable to procure their vaccine in a timely fashion. Daily newspapers and televised news coverage, and even the internet, have been inundated with this scintillating and provocative topic. We have observed ebbs and lows in regards to supply and demand. However, in spite of guidelines which have been delineated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to maximize availability of the vaccine to members of high-risk groups, those who have needed immunization the most have often been relegated to the end of the line.

The CDC guidelines strongly recommend prioritization of immunizations to those in high risk-groups--people over 65 year of age, adults and children with chronic medical conditions, residents of nursing homes or other long-term health facilities, pregnant women with chronic medical conditions or who are past their third month of gestation, immunocompromised individuals, and anyone in close contact with members of high-risk groups. Although the shortage is expected to be only temporary and anticipation increases that the annual goal of 80 million influenza vaccine doses will be available for distribution before the inoculation season is over, in the interim, it remains incumbent upon the health-care provider to assure that the vaccine is available to those who require it most. Large-scale inoculations of healthy individuals and outrageous price gouging have undermined health care delivery and subjugated many segments of our population to unacceptable risks.

Flu season in this country generally begins in November and persists until April, the highest number of outbreaks occurring between late December and late March. Underlying medical conditions often predispose to increased morbidity and mortality, with 20,000 flu-related deaths being reported annually.

In addition to high-risk priority scheduling, the federal government and various health agencies have developed several contingency plans, including the underwriting by the CDC of 9 million vaccine does for high-risk patients and the establishment of local vaccine exchange programs to reroute the vaccine to those who would most likely benefit from receiving it.

At our 75th and 126th Street Medical offices, we have been fortunate in that we have had ample supply of the vaccine to treat the majority of our patient population. Todate we have given over 4,000 inoculations. However, we feel it necessary to continue to abide by the voluntary prioritization schedule to insure that the needs of those with significant medical risk are met.

As a means to this end, we have visited senior citizen centers, assisted-living facilities, and onsite businesses to administer the vaccine. As a courtesy we have offered it to local health care providers and there staff as well. We have also extended our office hours at our 75th St. & 126th St. Medical Centers to accommodate the public demand who have desired inoculation. With any luck, these extra measures will remedy the problems that exist this year due to the vaccine shortage. However, this year's problems should not be soon forgotten; a contingent plan should be available for future years when delays in vaccination are inevitable.

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