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Four Ways to Maximize Your Health Routine

Discover a Form of Exercise You Enjoy

To Avoid the Exercise Doldrums, it's important to discover what form of exercise you enjoy most in order to keep motivated. For example,if you don't particularly care for jogging,why subject yourself three times a week to a sport you are not excited about? However,if hip-hop aerobics sound more appealing,start with a class or videotape that is comparable to your fitness level and gradually increase the difficulty of your workout as you build endurance.

Warming Up

Stretching or warming up is essential to any exercise regime because it allows the body's cardiovascular system to gradually shift from a resting state to an active state without undue shock.

In addition,the warm-up raises the body's intake of oxygen,which improves the body's biochemical reactions. Increasing the temperature of the muscles allows them to contract and relax more rapidly,helping improve physical performance.

Finally,a leisurely warm-up can assist in mentally preparing you for the physical demands of the upcoming workout.

Find Your Optimal Heart Rate

When you are exercising, your heart nust work hard enough to help you acheive your desired athletic results,but not so hard that you become fatigued, therefore,you should learn to identify your targer or "optimal" heart rate.

First, however, you need to identify your maximum heart rate. You can predict this number by using this formula: maximum heart rate = 220 minus your age. Your optimal heart rate is about 70 percent of this number, since that is the intensity range most experts agree is necessary for positive changes to occur in the cardiovascular system.

It is umportant that you check your heart rate at various intervals during exercise,because this reflects the level of stress on the body. As long as you stay within the bounds of your target zone,you will be exercising safely adn gaining the most benefit from your workout.

Replenish Electrolytes

As the body excertes moisture during heavy excersise,essential electrolytes are lost in the process. It is therefore, important to replenish these electrolytes and fluids to prevent dehydration before, during or after an exercise routine.

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