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Wellness Checkup

What is Wellness?

It's more than not being sick. It's feeling good and having enough energy. It's having hope and a sense of humor. It's fitness of mind, body and spirit that you pursue in your own way.

The steps you take to enhance your health and well-being may not be the same as your spouse or a close friend might take. We suggest that anyone's approach to wellness include these key ingredients: personal responsibility, stress management, a healthful diet, physical activity, social support, fun and a willingness to help others.

Personal responsibility is an important element in achieving wellness because nobody is more responsible for your health and well-being than you. Being aware of what you do for yourself, and to yourself, will influence not only how long you live but how well you live.

How Do You Pursue Wellness?

Record the number that most closely reflects your lifestyle in the space provided. Then total the numbers for your wellness score.

Rarely Sometimes Usually Always
1 2 3 4
  1. I get 20-30 nonstop minutes of moderately intense exercise 3 or more times a week.
  2. I limit my intake of high-fat foods.
  3. I include high-fiber foods in my diet.
  4. I eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily.
  5. I stay within my proper weight guidelines.
  6. I keep my blood pressure within doctor-recommended guidelines.
  7. I keep my blood cholesterol level within doctor-recommended guidelines.
  8. I stay current on necessary immunizations.
  9. I follow cancer-screening guidelines, including self-exams.
  10. I avoid the dangers of smoking.
  11. I limit my alcohol use to a level that doesn't create problems for myself or others.
  12. I drink 6 to 8 cups of water daily.
  13. I wear a seatbelt when driving or riding in a car.
  14. I take safety precautions at home and at work.
  15. I take precdautions against sexually transmitted diseases.
  16. I can cope with stress.
  17. I laugh easily.
  18. I know how to relax.
  19. I sleep well.
  20. I follow political and cultural events.
  21. I have supportive famoily and friends.
  22. I am interested in learning how to improve my health.
  23. I take an active role in my medical care decisions by working with a primary care physician.
  24. I like my job.
  25. I like myself.

If Your Wellness Score Is...

  • 85-100: Congratulations! You're in great shape. Keep up the good work. Remember, wellness is an ongoing process.
  • 65-84: You're doing well in many areas. Think about those aspects of your life which could be improved. You're in charge, not your doctor, when it comes to good health.
  • 64 or less: Time for a change! The The choices you're making today may adversely affect your health and the quality of your future life. Begin with the area that concerns you the most, set reasonable goals and don't hesitate to ask for help. You're worth it.


The First Step Toward Wellness:

One small step that can make a big difference in your health and well-being is to get acquainted with your emotional self. Those who can't recognize their true feelings often seek ways to cover them up, such as food, alcohol or other drugs, unhealthy relationships or compulsive work – anything that distracts them from facing their problems squarely.

Your feelings can offer feedback, alerting you when something is in need of attention. Learn to acknowledge your emotions. But rather than dwell on your feelings, you can take an active approach... Write a letter to yourself about your troubles. talk about your feelings. Express them when appropriate. THen move on.

With increased self-awareness comes self-appreciation and inner strength that can help you gain personal control. And that's a big step toward living well.

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