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Win the War on Cellulite

Four out of five women, including many skinny ones, have at least some degree of cellulite. While exercising, a healthy diet and good genes are all wonderful, they do not necessarily prevent or eliminate cellulite. And although we have gotten used to blaming stress for many of our ills, cellulite is not one of them. But the good news – the great news – is that after all these years of enduring bumps, waves, and unsightliness on thighs, buttocks, and other body parts, there may be a cure for cellulite.

Cellulite is a subject that is more confusing and misunderstood than most, referred to in many different ways, none of which are positive or flattering in the least. Cottage cheese thighs, orange peel skin, starch pockets, riding breeches, waffle lumps, ripply fat – whatever it's called, it's pretty obvious that nobody likes it.

Cellulite is really a problem of "packaging" that is related to the way their skin is attached to their muscles. The fat cells are enclosed in tiny compartments or bundles (also known as fat lobes) that connect the overlying skin and the underlying tissues. If the fat cells grow in size, they get squeezed together and are forced to protrude out in the skin. These protrusions are the bumps and the lumps that we call cellulite.

A woman's skin is attached to the underlying muscle by thin vertical cords which are not very flexible. So when a woman's fat cells get bigger and fatter, which usually happens when she gains weight (although sometimes even when she doesn't), these cells push through and into the ridges between the cords. The connective cords also tend to shrink and thicken, thus creating the textured surface of fat on women's skin, particularly on the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Although the process begins in adolescence, cellulite becomes increasingly noticeable as women age. That's because the connective tissue stiffens up and the skin holding the fat in place loses it elasticity as a woman ages. As the skin becomes thinner and looser, the bumps and lumps become more noticeable.

While cellulite is genetic, it's also affected by estrogen – the hormone that makes a girl a woman! Women are much more susceptible to this condition than men for a number of reasons. As a reserve for the calorie-intensive tasks of childbearing and nursing, women's bodies had to hold onto their fat.

Another reason that men do not have to worry about cellulite is that their skin is thicker and more elastic than women's so the fat does not protrude through it as much.

For years women have desperately tried tactics and techniques in their efforts to rid themselves of this unsightly condition. Although some of the methods used – such as exercise, low-fat eating and massage – are excellent for one's health and well-being, they do very little to minimize or prevent cellulite.

The anti-cellulite techniques include massages with rolling pins, plastic thigh scrubbers and harsh loofah sponges, thigh slaps and skin-swatting. Some of the kinky methods included ionization therapy, injections of HCG (human growth hormone), lecithin and thyroid extracts.

The Latest Technology Against Cellulite

The most reasonable recommendations in the war against cellulite until now have been a balanced combination of exercise, hydration (drinking the minimum eight glasses of water daily), low-fat diet and massage. Exercise combined with weight loss should decrease the fat deposits in the problem spots. Low-fat diets decrease estrogen levels which is one of the major causes of fat buildup and water retention. Cellulite massage (using the kneading dough techniques) has been practiced in Europe for years in the belief that it improves circulation and skin tone. Nonetheless, none of these healthy habits have been shown to make a significant difference in actually getting rid of the cellulite.

Endermologie is the name for a process discovered by an engineer and a burn accident victim, Louis Paul Guitary. It was first used to heal scars, burns, joint pain and to facilitate healing following reconstructive surgery. It was, however, soon discovered that Endermologie had cosmetic advantages. The technique is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure to condition the skin, contour the body, and rid the body of spongy stuff.

In 1996 the Endermologie technique was brought to the U.S. by L.P.G. USA, the manufacturer and distributor of the machine. Trained and licensed technicians use the ES1, a patented device comprised of two motorized rollers connected to a powerful suction instrument, performing a massage. The technique increases the blood and oxygen flow to all three of the skin's layers, facilitating the drainage of stagnant toxic wastes, softening the tissues and improving metabolism. In France, this technique has been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and even to provide natural elasticity to the facial tissues.

During the first visit, a photographic measuring station is used to document and record the client's measurements so the effect of the treatment can be scientifically monitored. A comprehensive consultation is performed in which the patient's dietary habits and exercise programs are discussed and recommendations are made for improvement. Approximately 14-20 ES1 body contouring sessions are recommended with a once a month follow-up session after treatment is completed.

“By squeezing, rolling and pulling on the skin, this special device appears to loosen up the rigid connective fibers, breaking the thin cords that hold the cells together and thus reducing 'cellulite spill'.” Once these fibers are loosed, the fat cells are no longer squeezed together as tightly and therefore they will not protrude out into the skin. The result, with regular treatments, a healthy life style to include proper nutrtion, exercise and water hydration results in smoother skin and for many, a significant improvement to the lumps and bumps.

Doctors Weight Control & Wellness Center at 126th St. Medical is the only facility on the Delmarva peninsula to utilize this new and exciting technology of Endermology.

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